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From Our Blogs


Shandy, iPads and Boris Bikes

22 February 2011

Who would have thought that our very first book would find its way into the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year at London’s Design Museum.


#Shandy, #Thank you

14 October 2010

We’ve been working on our re-imagined Shandy for the last year or so. Having spent months pouring over other editions of the book, our own manuscripts, too many proofs to bear thinking about, choosing specially mixed Pantone colour swatches and no doubt many other things — it’s a wonderful feeling seeing the book in people’s hands.


Kevin, Shirley, Shandy and PayPal

16 September 2010

This is Kevin and Shirley from C&C Printers over in China. They’re holding up a copy of Tristram Shandy which made us smile. You’ll be happy to know that boxes have made it safe and sound off the vessel and to our warehouse in Somerset.