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From Our Blog


First ever Visual Editions shop: Open for Business

1 December 2011

Not ours entirely of course, but a corner of Vitsoe’s London store opened yesterday as “Visual Editions at Vitsoe”, as part of our month long December collaboration.


Signed Tree Of Codes Posters For Sale Now in New VE Shop

15 November 2011

It’s pretty much a year to the day since we launched Tree of Codes, that “book full of holes” as it’s now commonly known. And our first title with Jonathan Safran Foer.

A real labour of love and an extreme example of creative collaboration, it’s fitting then, that we’re now showcasing and putting up for sale the limited edition, numbered and signed Tree of Codes posters. The posters are made from the original first edition die-cut running sheets in Belgium, they’re huge, beautiful and, well, full of holes. It all feels a little like a one-year-on book birthday party.


Look, D&AD Wood

10 November 2011

Look what we got in the post today: a little piece of D&AD to celebrate us being in The Book with a book. Yes, Tree Of Codes got in there, all credit to Jonathan Safran Foer, Sara De Bondt Studio and Jon Gray.


Safran Foer's Writing on Our Walls

30 June 2011

It was about this time last year that we first went to Belgium to meet with our printers: to see how everything was going and hear whether Tree of Codes could even be made. After getting over the initial sigh of relief (with a lot of denial thrown in), the printers started to show us around. There were big machines everywhere, lots of noise and sheets. Large sheets of paper waiting to be trimmed down to make books. And then we saw our sheets. The sheets for Tree of Codes.