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From Our Blogs


Mass Live Reading Event at the V&A

12 December 2011

Two weeks ago, we took part in our very first Friday Late at the V&A. The lovely curators there got in touch with us back in September to see if we fancied doing anything for their No Strings event, a night all about exploring independent publishing and print making.

With nada, zilch, absolutely zero event experience, we racked our brains trying to think of something that would be both relevant and audience involving. And, to be honest, something we could actually do.


Shuffling People Not Pages at V&A Friday Late

16 November 2011

So we know we’ve been banging on about doing something at the V&A and needing 150 people to help us make it happen. And we thought it was about time we stopped being shy and actually tell you what we’ve been scheming.

The V&A have asked us to take part in their next Friday Late event on 25 November and we thought we might as well do something we’ve never tried before. Like bring 150 people together to read out loud.


Look, Look! Composition No. 1

11 October 2011

First, we move to our new studio and spot our bright yellow Composition No. 1 in a couple local Clerkenwell bookstores (Clerkenwell Tales and Magma) on our way to grabbing much needed cups of coffee. Then, we get sent a photo from the Hermès store in Paris, showing Composition No. 1 mightily spread out in all its yellow glory.